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Proposition 8 (or the California Marriage Protection Act) was a ballot proposition and constitutional amendment passed in the November 2008, state elections. The Act stated under the Declaration of Rights, to the California Constitution that "only marriage between a man and a women is valid or recognized in California."[1]
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Proposition 8 overturned the California Supreme Court's ruling that same sex couples have the right to marry, It did not change domestic partnerships, or same sex marriages that occurred before November 5, 2008.

Supporters of the amendment insisted that heterosexual marriage was "an essential institutuion of society," and that "leaving the constitution unchanged would teach our kids that marriage is okay." Opposers on the other hand argue that "the freedom to marry is fundamental to our society," that the CA constitution "should guarantee the same freedom and rights to everyone."[2]

The campaigns for and against Proposition 8, raised $39.9 million and 43.4 million respectively. To date, it was the highest-funded campaign on any state ballot, exceeding other campaigns in the country except for the presidential election. Many lawsuits were filed after the California Supreme Court challenged Prop 8.[3]

Supporters of Proposition 8


Religious Organizations

Biblical passages referenced in support of Proposition 8:


Grossmont Union High School District in San Diego County, California, endorsed Prop 8. [9]

Opposers of Proposition 8


Religious organizations

Political/Social Organization




Judge Vaughn Walker overturned Prop. 8, August 4, 2010 in Perry v. Schwarzenegger. It was a great win for gay rights activists. [13]


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