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As today women are equal with men. But we have to give more importance to develop rural women empowerment. We put a special focus on empowering women and girls, because we believe they hold the key to long-lasting social change in communities. Empowering women must be a united approach, a cause that requires continued attention and stewardship by all. We need to augment our efforts for empowering women and enhance their progress. It is our moral, social and constitutional responsibility to ensure their progress by providing them with equal rights and opportunities.

Today women with their smartness, grace and elegance have conquered the whole world. With their hard work and sincerity, they have excelled in each and every profession. Women are considered to be more honest, meticulous, and efficient and hence more and more companies prefer hiring women for better performance and result. Nobody ever thought of this before, to give preference to female job seekers.

A new website to help women with their careers

Naukri for Women is a unique job site and the first of its kind in India. It aims to help women build their careers, without compromising their other responsibilities. It is a known fact that many companies prefer to have women candidates for certain jobs. So this website aspires to help companies reach suitable women candidates for their job vacancies. This is a good initiative to empower women in India.
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Tips to Achieve Your Goal

Everyone who is looking to develop their career, or perhaps get a new career started, needs to know how to succeed in interviews.

Here are a few tips:

  • Don’t just drop your resume on an employer’s table and split. If you can, talk to the representatives and physically hand it to someone. It will serve you well to meet employers, and give them a chance to attach a face with a resume.
  • Prepare by knowing a little background on some of the organizations that interest you most. You will make a better impression if you are knowledgeable about what they do.
  • Be prepared to ask questions at the interview. This shows the interviewer that you are not just there because it is necessary in order to get a job. You are there because you have genuine interest in the company and also in becoming an employee for this company.
  • One obvious thing that employees are looking for is how you dress. To be on the safe side, be sure to never under dress. It is much better to be overdressed. This way the employer knows you take the opportunity with their company very seriously.
  • When the interviewer is asking you questions, do not give them one word answers, even if you have no experience in what they are questioning you about. Giving a response that is short, such as, "No, I haven't" is not acceptable.
  • Focus on the interview questions and if you are not sure of the meaning of the question, check back with the interviewer. This is a two way conversation and the interviewer will respond favorably to being engaged like this.
  • When the interview is ending, it is important to close out strong, because this is often how the interviewer will remember you. Let them know how excited you are about potentially working with the company. Job portals are playing a vital role to communicate between job seekers and employers.

There are many job portals available in the market but Naukri For Women is special because it is dedicated to women. To find out more please visit: Naukri for Women

Best paying careers for women

Every woman should work in an area that excites her and where there is a strong desire to excel. The guiding principle should be the commitment to give her very best in any profession she may choose. The path to achieving true success is to make sure you are always on track with your goal and constantly updating your skills and knowledge level.

Here is a list of some best paying careers where a woman can make their mark.

1- College professor

2- Computer/IT analyst

3- Financial analyst

4- Human resources manager

5- Market research analyst

6- Biological technician

7- Physician assistant

8- Psychologist

9- Real estate appraiser

10- Software engineer

11- Library technician

12- Aerospace engineer 1

3- Agricultural and food scientist

14- Radiation therapist

15- Telephone operator

Women can play an extremely important role in shaping worlds future. We should support them at any level. A good step taken by the new job portal “Naukri For Women” which is dedicated to help women to get their desired job: Naukri for Women

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