Kartini Network for Women/Gender Studies in Asia

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The Kartini Network for Women/Gender Studies in Asia was formally established in Manila in May 2003. Kartini, named
after the Indonesian pioneering feminist writer and activist, aims to create synergy between women's/gender studies and feminist activism in the region. Kartini members are women's/gender studies centres or institutes and feminist organizations in Asia and elsewhere.


Kartini is primarily an Asian network and will consider as members women's studies and gender institutes/departments and women's organizations engaged in women's studies in Asia who commit themselves to the following principles:

  • feminist analysis and perspective;
  • social transformation towards justice, equality, participative processes;
  • partnership between academics and activists;
  • commitment to the promotion of Asian women's studies.

Aside from members, it will also include individual affiliates who abide by the network's principles and have a track record of involvement, development or promotion of women's studies in Asia. Other institutions and agencies that can render service or participate in cooperative endeavors can be considered partners.


Major objectives of the Kartini Network are:

  • to increase the knowledge base of the participating members, to strengthen their inter-disciplinary research skills, to contribute to the development of comparative and collaborative research programs that respond to the needs of women in the region
  • to create an open, flexible platform of exchange in the area of women's/gender studies between Asian scholars/activists working within academic institutes and in women's organizations 
  • Kartini strives to make Asian women's voices better heard in processes of nation-building and socio-economic development.


  • Current Research: "India-Indonesia Comparative Research on Non Normative Sexuality of three constituency : sex worker, widow and young urban lesbian"
  • Advocacy projects: Sexual Rights and Women’s Empowerment - comparative study of India and Indonesia; LGBT’s Rights Advocacy at The National Parliament; Exploring Sexuality and Training for Women’s lawyer in Jogjakarta.


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